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Purchasing a Website and Hosting Plan

We Really Need To Talk

Before your purchase of a website and hosting plan, we would like to talk with you regarding the selection of an appropriate website address (URL), ask you to send your company logo and/or any other images that you would like to use, and gather some basic information about you and your company (see our privacy policy). We will discuss any changes you would like to make to the sample site you selected. Only then will we ask for payment. Once the website is finished, we will upload the site onto the server and let you know when it is ready. The entire process normally takes a week or less.

A new website will cost you $295.00.

To host your new website, we offer both a 6 month option or a 12 month option, with an optional payment plan for both. The 6 month plan will cost you $149.70, and the 12 month plan $239.40.

For additional SEO and special requests, we charge a minimum $50.00 hourly rate.

There are no refunds for websites or hosting plans.


We accept Venmo and PayPal. We also accept credit cards that we will process though PayPal. If you do not have a Venmo account, we recommend that you get one right away, as it is an easy and increasingly popular payment choice for your inspection services, and one that we think you should advertise on your website. The same for PayPal.

Venmo accepted here

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