Buy a state-of-the-art website from us for just $295.00,
and we'll host it for you for as little as $19.95/mo.
All in all, That's a pretty sweet deal.

If you are a home inspector without a website, or have a hopelessly outdated website, or a website that nobody can find, then you are not even coming close to realizing your full earning potential. Having a well constructed, highly visible website for your home inspection business will dramatically increase the number of home inspections that you do each month, and will make all the difference between staying busy or just scraping by.

Our home inspector websites, which are fully responsive and built on intelligent HTML5 + CSS3, are put together by an experienced website builder and veteran ASHI/CREIA certified home inspector with over 27 years of website building and home inspection experience. The website you see below is his own. This one is his own. Martin built his first website (using Claris Home Page on an Apple Macintosh Classic II) when he started his home inspection business back in 1994. With this dual background of knowledge and experience, Home Inspector Websites (Martin) can accomplish what our competition can't — creating affordable, state-of-the-art home inspection websites that will send more customers your way. Quickly. And, with hosting fees as low as $19.95 a month, obtaining and maintaining a strong website presence won't break the bank. Seriously. Just getting one extra inspection with your new site should pay for the whole enchilada. Unless, of course, you're not charging enough for your services.
But we digress...

Specifically in business to meet the basic website needs of home inspectors, Home Inspector Websites is a step ahead of the other companies offering home inspection websites and web services. How is that? Because we know firsthand how important it is to target your specific service area so that you will literally come out on top of your competition in the major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo! Need proof? Just Google "home inspectors in San Luis Obispo" — or any of the other cities in Camelot's service area such as Pismo Beach, Paso Robles, Santa Maria, Morro Bay, etc. — and see who comes out on top. And no, Yelp and paid ads don't count...

So what does Home Inspector Websites (Martin) offer you that the other home inspector website companies don't? Customised service, for starters. Affordability, for another. And... oh yeah... awesome looking websites. And, unlike most other home inspector website providers (most of whom are primarily in the inspection report software business), we do not ask you for money and then leave you on your own to navigate WordPress or some other "content management system". We will quickly develop your site, customize the verbiage to your liking, and then use our knowledge of the internet and the home inspection profession to make sure the search engines (and your customers) will find you ASAP. In other words, we'll do the work for you, so that you can continue doing what you do best — inspecting.

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